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Pratt Law Group provides quality legal representation in tax law services in both Texas and Oklahoma. As a Certified Public Accountant and small business owner with over twenty (25) years experience, Mr. Pratt understands the area of tax law very well.

We counsel individuals and companies on every aspect of Texas tax laws

The Pratt Law Group has decades of experience helping businesses – big and small – understand the complexities of Texas taxes, helping them to contest tax audits and offer them a state tax audit defense. We can quickly and effectively help businesses with any Texas tax-related problem and answer questions.

Our services include helping businesses to address the following

  • Texas sales tax

  • Texas franchise tax

  • Other Texas Controller’s Office taxes and fees

We’ll Contest Texas Tax Audits

Texas tax laws are not so cut and dry as people would love them to be. As such, it’s not uncommon for taxpayers to be subjected to an audit assessment. While auditors are typically fair, they can be rather aggressive than they should be and they even make mistakes.

If an audit isn’t easily resolved, a lawyer may be necessary to sue the auditor, audit supervisor or the Comptroller’s administrative system. Our lawyers at the Pratt Law Group will fight aggressively to protect your rights to ensure your tax problems are resolved fairly.

How Can We Help You With Other Tax-Related Situations?

  • If you’ve not been collecting sales tax, even though you should, you need us.

  • If you were overly aggressive in reporting your Texas franchise taxes, and the idea of an audit sounds frightening, you need us.

Don’t wait for the audit notice; reach out to us for a voluntary disclosure agreement. Our lawyers will discuss a settlement with the Texas Comptroller for any past-due taxes, and they may even disregard the penalties and interests. Since one of the Pratt Law Group attorneys will be representing you, you remain anonymous to the Comptroller until the process is nearly over. This is a useful tool to eliminate some unknowns for the equation.

We Routinely Assist With The Following:

  • Tax Return Reviews

  • Revenue Officer Compliance

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Audits

  • Collection Due Process Hearings

  • Installment Agreements

  • Innocent Spouse

  • United States Tax Court Petitions

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