Client Communications Policy

We take a client-focused approach and we understand that communication with our clients is critical to our success.

It is the ongoing policy of Pratt Law Group, PLLC (“PLG” or the “PLG”) to provide the most efficient, high quality, and proactive legal representation to all clients. To achieve this high standard, we have implemented the following client communication policy. This policy outlines what you can generally expect and demand from us in terms of communication.

Our desire is to make it as convenient as possible to respond to our clients’ needs and concerns in a timely manner. To maintain a functional and efficient practice, most activities in our attorneys’ day are scheduled ahead of time to ensure that they have their full attention. This includes phone calls, emails, video conference calls, and text-messages with clients. Our well-trained staff can handle most routine matters and inquiries.  If your issue requires speaking with an attorney directly, then it is usually more efficient to schedule a 10-minute phone conference or send a short email. This avoids the time wasted playing phone tag and means that you will get the attorney’s undivided attention (not just a quick second in between meetings). Scheduled calls will take precedence over returning messages and voicemails from unscheduled calls.

A staff member will typically be able to address your concerns and provide the information you request. Feel free to discuss your concerns with any of the staff at PLG. Your call will be held in the strictest confidence. Our team will do their best to assist you. If your call requires an attorney, your message will be passed on to the attorney for a prompt reply.


Our attorneys strive to be excellent time-managers and must structure their days carefully so that each matter gets the attention it deserves. For those calls requiring urgent action by an attorney, the attorney will make every effort to return your call on the same day; however, there are times when the attorney is unable to respond quickly due to client appointments, seminars, court hearings, creditor meetings and video meetings. The staff will do their best to inform you of these times. Please be patient and know that some client matters require uninterrupted and continuous attention, and the attorney will occasionally be unavailable for extended periods while handing such a matter, just as he or she will be unavailable to other clients when they are handling your important matters. We appreciate your understanding when such times arise.


Like many law PLGs, we communicate via telephone, Zoom videoconference, email, text messages and thru our secured client portal. We will request your preferred communication method when we open your matter and will do our best to communicate with you via that method, absent circumstances requiring a different form of communication.

We do not communicate with clients via social media. In addition, we do have the ability to communicate with clients outside of the United States on various international communication platforms as necessary.


We encourage our clients to take advantage of email communication to relay information; however, if such communication entails many questions, or requires more than a quick response, our office will instead schedule a telephone call or meeting to answer your questions.  In order to ensure your email reaches the right people and is handled in a timely manner, we request that all clients email [email protected].  While you may email an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant or staff member directly, we ask that you copy [email protected] on all emails or other correspondence.

We will respond to emails in the order they are received and based on the urgency of the matter. We will attempt to respond to all email communications within one (1) business day. If an email is sent after 4 pm CST, the email will be considered as arriving the next business day.

If you have an emergency, we ask that you call our Client Services Manager, Penny Riddle directly at (972) 712-1515, ext. 1024 or at (888) 517-4575, ext. 1024.  If Penny Riddle is unable to return your call by the end of the following business day, then our legal assistant, Heidi Baumgartner, at extension 1010, will be glad to assist.

Depending on the content of the email, our office may ask you to schedule a telephone appointment if doing so would be more efficient than responding with a lengthy email or series of emails. All emails will be billed the same as phone calls and are treated with no more urgency than other communication methods.


Telephone conferences and calls can often be the most efficient way to address your questions or discuss your matter. Clients may reach out to our Client Services representative, legal assistant, or a paralegal directly by phone.

We ask that you schedule all telephone conferences and calls with attorneys. This will ensure that you have adequate time to speak with the attorney and do not feel rushed. You may schedule a conference with our attorneys by contacting Client Services and scheduling by phone or by using our calendar link at PLG Calendar, which allows you to schedule an appointment electronically.

We will respond to all voicemails in the order they are received and based on the urgency of the matter. Our office policy is to respond to all voicemails on the same day unless left after 4 pm. If a voicemail is left after 4 pm CST, the voicemail will be considered as arriving the next business day.

Please keep in mind that we bill for all communication and other contact with our office, including telephone calls, voicemail, video conference calls, email and text messages. Your call should be directed first to an assistant or paralegal. If the purpose of your telephone call is to obtain specific information or provide information, that contact can be with our legal assistants or paralegals. This will save you money. It is also helpful to organize your information before your call and make sure you have all the information you need for the telephone call or video conference. Also, consider taking notes during meetings and telephone calls to avoid contacting our office again for the same information. This will also save you money.

If your call is answered by voicemail during normal business hours chances are that all lines were busy; however, we promptly check and monitor our voicemails during business hours.

When leaving a voicemail message it is very helpful to us, and in your financial interest, to leave as detailed a message as possible, including the purpose of your call.

Reiterating emergency calls and messages – When you have an urgent question or concern, please call our office. Our staff will always know who is available to help at any given time. Please do not use email or other modes of communication in these circumstances, as we may not receive the message quickly enough to help you.


Any time you are giving the attorney a collection of documents (court documents or financial documents, for example), it is in your financial interest to put those documents in chronological order first and to prepare an index of the material you are giving us. If you do this, it will reduce the work needed by us to organize the material.

You may be asked to provide us with written material from time to time. We prefer our clients use our secure portal to upload documents and sending secured communications whenever possible, as this provides an extra layer of security over the documents. If you are unable to upload the documents, we request that you email the documents to our office.

If you are an existing PLG client, you can access our secure document upload and communication portal at: Clio for Clients. If you need to provide hard copy documents, you may mail them to our office or schedule a time to bring them to our office. All original documents will be returned to you once scanned or at the conclusion of your matter.

Clio for Client Portal is our secured portal designed for our clients to easily and securely communicate and share documents.  PLG can send documents and share key details like status and next steps with our clients for on-demand access via the Clio for Clients mobile app or any web browser. Clients can scan and share documents, access their case details in a central spot, and message PLG’s staff members.

PLG clients can view documents sent to them, as well as scan or upload their own documents, plus chat securely with PLG members. Using the mobile app, they can set up push notifications to get alerts on their home screen when they’ve received a new message or document. Through the app, they can also protect access to their case information using Face ID, Touch ID, or their fingerprint.


If you have questions about your account, billing inquiries, or questions regarding payment, please direct all inquiries to our accounting/billing department at [email protected].


We request that all visitors schedule a visit to our office in advance. This includes quick drop off and pick up visits. Please contact Client Services at [email protected] to schedule your office visit.

Certain aspects of law are crisis-oriented and, on occasion, due to court hearings and other time sensitive matters, attorneys are called to deal with unexpected matters. Consequently, we are sometimes required to reschedule appointments on short notice. Please note, every effort will be made to provide you with as much notice as possible, should that be necessary.

Because of our volume and case load, we are unable to meet with clients who drop by without a scheduled appointment.


It is very important for our clients to remain informed; accordingly, our PLG commitment to you is that we will provide you with frequent updates throughout your case, via the Clio for Clients secured portal or in your preferred communication method.

We will update all clients with active probate, guardianship, business, estate planning, bankruptcy, and tax matters clients on a regular basis, as agreed upon by the client and attorney.


All information you provide to our office is completely private and confidential. We will handle all the details of your case with the utmost confidentiality and respect for your privacy. The privilege of confidentiality between attorney and client belongs to you. Therefore, only you can decide if that confidentiality may be waived. Please remember this when your family members or friends request information from our office. We are frequently contacted by other family members who want to discuss your case. You must give us permission for such discussions to take place. Please also keep in mind that any time spent discussing your case with anyone at your request will be time spent on your file and included in your next billing.

Please note you can waive your attorney-client privilege by including a third-party in your communication, such as copying them on an email. In addition, you can waive your attorney-client privilege by sharing the content of your communication with your attorney, or legal team with a third-party. We ask that you keep this in mind when communicating with our office.

This client communication policy applies only to our clients who have retained us for legal services and executed a formal engagement letter for that particular legal matter. Communications of prospective clients and those making general inquiries should not expect to be contacted on the same day and will be responded to only when we are able to do so, and in most cases will be the next business day.

OUR COMMITMENT is to be ultra-responsive with all client communications!

PLG Motto: Excellence in all things and all things to the glory of God.

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