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The Pratt Law Group represents semi-professional and professional sports teams, athletes, actors, musicians, producers, managers, coaches, personnel, and others in both Texas and Oklahoma. As a Certified Public Accountant and small business owner with over twenty (25) years experience, Mr. Pratt understands the demands and the pressures the Firm’s Sports & Entertainment clientele work under.

The Pratt Law Group offers full-service representation, including matters ranging from the business legal structure to annual meeting minutes, from tax matters and employment disputes, and to all purchase, sale and merger & acquisition transactions.

Entertainment law, or media law, is focused on anything within the entertainment and sports industry, such as development, formation and publication of goods and services. Media law conjuncts with the intellectual property law that includes copyrights and trademarks.

Our Texas entertainment attorneys work with many content developers and producers in exploiting their intellectual property works in the areas of film, television, music, and the electronic arts.  The entertainment industry faces an array of legal problems, including but not limited to:

  • Agency/management agreements

  • Composer agreements

  • Development agreements

  • Directors’ agreements

  • Distribution agreements

  • Licensing agreements

  • Merchandising agreements

  • Option and purchase agreements

  • Rights clearance agreements

  • Work-for-hire agreements

Solutions We Offer To The Entertainment Industry

  • Enforcing copyrights

  • Executive compensation and employee benefits

  • Ownership and registration of intellectual property regarding software and hardware

  • Patent counseling

  • Protection and monetization of IP rights

  • Trademark counseling

  • Licensing and technology transactions

We represent clients among many organizations:

  • Professional Entertainers

  • Collegiate and professional sports teams

  • Olympic organizations

  • Professional and Olympic athletes

  • Sports facilities

  • Sports franchises and governing bodies

  • Sports team owners

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Sports Law

We have a team of professional entertainment and sports attorneys who work with people and companies on a local and national level. We offer our legal help to those who need it, including filmmakers, entertainment industry entrepreneurs, investors, etc. We offer our services to protect their content and copyrights.

Texas is a big sports region that includes team sports – football, basketball and baseball – and individual sports – racing, golf, etc. Although sports can be played for fun, it’s also a money-making business. And, this means they face an array of legal issues. We have a copious amount of experience in dealing with sports-related issues.

We have successfully represented and litigated for Olympic and professional athletes, professional sports teams, college sports teams, sporting facilities, professional sports team owners, etc.

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