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Pratt Law Group represents buyers and/or sellers with their real estate transactions in both Texas and Oklahoma. As a Certified Public Accountant and small business owner with over twenty (20) years experience, Mr. Pratt understands the demands and the pressures the real estate clients work under.

Our real estate law services extend to individuals and entities that include buyers, sellers, contractors, builders, developers, investors, etc. We also offer our services for either commercial or residential real estate that pertain to:

  • Closings

  • Commercial leases

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

  • Purchase and sale agreements

  • Real estate disputes

We can address an array of real estate disputes and get past challenges.  This is why we are here.

We offer our services to real estate agents and the Texas Real Estate Commission. However, we have also provided our services to individuals who need help against real estate management companies and real estate agencies in cases where there was a breach of fiduciary duty.

Our Office Routinely Handles:

  • Full-Service Representation
  • Preparation And Review Of Purchase And Sale Contracts

  • Preparation And Review Of Lease Contracts

  • Preparation And Review Of Deeds

  • Deeds Of Trusts

  • All Other Real Estate Transaction Document Preparation

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We also deal with easements such as utility easements. This issue arises when sellers and developers face a lawsuit for allegedly selling a property without mentioning the easements, even if the buyer attained a survey report. We will help to resolve disputes of these kinds.

Oil and Gas Royalty Interests

We also take care of situations where a person believes they have a stake in oil and gas royalties in inherited real property but are unsure how much. We have researchers on hand who can do a title search and investigate who has an interest in royalties.


We’re also experienced with matters concerning landlords and tenants, with representations for both parties. We can help commercial landlords deal with tenant-related problems such as lack of rent payments and tenant breaches. We help them with tenant lockouts and evictions. We apprise our landlord clients what responsibilities they have, as noted by the Texas Property Code. Many times, landlords will illegally lockout their tenants or withhold rental deposits.

We will make sure they remain in compliance with the Texas Property Code.

Zoning, Land Use Planning and Restrictions

We also have clients concerned with zoning, restrictions and land use planning that include needing or wanting changes to deed restrictions. For instance, we can help clients who need to change a residential lot to a commercial lot.  If a client is looking to have their property exempt from a particular constraint noted in restrictions, we can help them attain this so they can use the property as they want.

In possible purchase/sale circumstances that involve a builder/developer purchaser and individual buyer, Pratt Law Group’s experienced real estate attorneys will investigate deed restrictions for situations regarding limiting use and building restrictions. We inform our clients about possible restrictions. We let them know what the current land use status is – be it commercial or residential – and help them understand the process to change it.

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